Why More Mobile Home Property Managers Isn’t Always Better

1111Right now, the manufactured home industry is booming. With home prices on the rise, manufactured homes are becoming the face of affordable housing. This boom has come with more manufactured housing operators and property managers. But more isn’t always better.

While options are good there’s also the potential for greed to seep into the industry. When searching for manufactured home property management, it’s important to find a place that values people over the bottom line. Unfortunately, many managers will seek to increase their profit, even if it’s at the expense of the residents. Often times this means neglecting capital improvements.

At Leasco Management, we have been in the industry for 40 years. We’ve been serving manufactured home community owners, investors and residents through the good times and bad times over the years. This history allows us extensive knowledge of the industry so we can make decisions that benefit everyone.

More manufactured home management companies means that some companies will suddenly switch to this industry while it’s deemed profitable, only to leave if there’s a rough patch. While this won’t be true for all companies, and it’s definitely something to look out for.

Living in a Leasco Managemet community means knowing that our team is constantly striving to put residents first. When necessary, capital improvements are budgeted to help keep the community looking great.

But it’s about more than just making a community look good, it’s about making a place where people feel at home. We love to see our residents having fun, making friends and creating memories. Helping create experiences is part of what we do.


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